Welcome and the No ‘Poo Round Up

Why hello Internet!  Pleased to see you. This is the beginning of what I hope will be a long and fruitful discussion.  I could bore you with a long discussion of all the reasons why I’m here, but that wouldn’t start us off very well, would it?  So instead, why don’t we get right to the guts of it and I can show you why I’m here instead.

The No ‘Poo Round Up

This is the first in what will be a series of posts to come.  The thing about “No ‘Poo” (for the lay people, this is our lovely little turn of phrase to describe going without shampoo) is that everyone is talking about it already.  Okay, not everyone — mostly just those of us who are crazy enough to have tried it already, which I admit is a rather small subset of the population.  But my point is, there is lots of wonderful information already out there for anyone who is wondering why the heck people would want to stop using shampoo and become a greasy hippie-freak.  (I promise, that is neither a requirement nor an inevitability if you choose to give it a try.)

So what can I add to this conversation that is already being discussed so well?  Let me tell you.  I am in what seems to be the rather unique position of having tried many different kinds of ‘poolessness, ranging from the mainstream shampoo and conditioner treatment to the water-only method to the no washing at all method.  (That’s right, I went there.  My thoughts on that shall be reserved for another post, however.  I have to keep up some suspense, don’t I?)

So what you can look forward to, dear readers, is a candid discussion of what I’ve tried, what worked, and what didn’t.  Why? Because if I’ve learned anything from more than a year of experimentation, it’s that everyone’s hair reacts differently.  The best way to find what works for you (without having to spend many months experimenting) is to look at all the possibilities side by side and decide what looks promising.  Ultimately, your hair will be the judge. Let the trial begin.


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